A lot of things get thrown into a blender when we have kids—our logistics, our finances, our priorities, probably our sanity a little bit. And for most of us, our identity—our very sense of selfhood—also gets taken for a spin. You know? Suddenly what you want and what you need gets put on the back burner, and who you are and have been in the world shifts dramatically. ~ Nurture the Wow, Danya Ruttenberg

the blender of motherhood


Before my sessions with Trina, I didn’t understand how beneficial coaching could be. Sometimes I hoped she’d solve my problems for me, but she did something better; she helped me discover the tools I have to work through them myself.

I’ve sometimes joked that Trina should warn her clients that she “wields a sword” because her knack for asking poignant questions that cut to the heart of the issue is beyond what I’ve experienced before.