Before my sessions with Trina, I didn’t understand how beneficial coaching could be. Sometimes I hoped she’d solve my problems for me, but she did something better; she helped me discover the tools I have to work through them myself.

I’ve sometimes joked that Trina should warn her clients that she “wields a sword” because her knack for asking poignant questions that cut to the heart of the issue is beyond what I’ve experienced before.


Rise Rooted

I’m so grateful for the space Trina has created with Rise Rooted. At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but at the first gathering I discovered a safe space to be honest with myself and open and vulnerable with others. Rise Rooted is a beautiful time where women connect and where every voice is valued and welcomed. I keep coming back because it is also a place of rest, opening, insight, support and learning. At Rise Rooted, I am challenged in the most beautiful and non-pushy way. Trina leads and facilitates the discussion, but we all take part and learn and from each other.


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