Trina has helped me understand my own role in my own life. Through powerful exploration, I’ve come to see the action I need to take and found the tools and support to take it. Unlike therapy, I’ve learned how to self parent rather than be re-parented. Many of the exercises, images and realizations that have come out of our sessions have become corner stone knowing that will guide and last me through my lifetime.


Rise Rooted

I’m so grateful for the space Trina has created with Rise Rooted. At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but at the first gathering I discovered a safe space to be honest with myself and open and vulnerable with others. Rise Rooted is a beautiful time where women connect and where every voice is valued and welcomed. I keep coming back because it is also a place of rest, opening, insight, support and learning. At Rise Rooted, I am challenged in the most beautiful and non-pushy way. Trina leads and facilitates the discussion, but we all take part and learn and from each other.


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