I’m letting Christmas off the hook

Oh Christmas… I’m sorry.

We dress you up, sometimes in the most gaudy outfits, and parade you around for the whole month of December. We’ve done it for years, so we think it’s okay, that you like it, but my guess is that you’re tired, that sometimes it’s just a little too much.

So I’ve let you off the hook, my lovely friend, Christmas. It’s okay. You don’t need to be perfect. You can be quiet and calm. You can be peaceful…or not. It’s okay by me. You can even be messy and chaotic if you prefer.

No more pressure to create all the magic. We are capable of creating some of it ourselves. I’ll take the pressure off. You don’t have to go to that party or put on that dress.

Christmas, you don’t need to be white, all covered in snow. Let it rain if it wants to. Let it be beautiful brown if it must.

Christmas, you are not responsible for peace on earth or even good will to all mankind. That one is on us. Be free of it my friend.

It’s not always possible to bring family together. You really don’t have to. Not everyone can be home. Not everyone wants to be. Sometimes we’re alone. Family isn’t your responsibility. I’ll be the warm cozy vibe for my family all year.

Oh the kids. The childish delight. The morning excitement. It’s great I confess. But that’s not really you, is it?

You’ve offered us a tree piled under with gifts. My gift to you, dear Christmas, is to say no to the pile. It’s okay. We actually don’t need it. We’ll survive without those Jing Tinglers,
Flu Floopers, Tar Tinkers, Who Hoovers, Gar Ginkers, Trum Tupers, Slu Slumkers…you get it, I know.

You don’t have to keep the smile on the entire month of December. I’ll let you be sad, disappointed, even indifferent if that’s what you need. It’s okay. Really it is.

The food, oh the food! Cookies; cakes; candy; tables full of expectation. Then we turn around and blame you for our fat. No, no, Christmas, you don’t make us fat. You’re not responsible for our over-indulgence.

And while we’re at it, you’re no match maker either! Who would put that kind of pressure on you? You’ve got no power over that. No, romantic entanglements aren’t yours to create.


Let’s spread it out. It doesn’t need to be all on you. Let summer have some of the glitz and glam.

Let’s let tea with a friend be our comfort. Let’s let a snuggle from a small child fill our cup. Let’s bring family together any time and love them relentlessly all year long.

Let’s fill up the food bank in September. Let’s give warm clothes and boots to the homeless in October. Let’s donate toys in March. Let’s do our charitable giving all year round. Christmas, you’re off the hook.

I release you from all the crazy expectations, my love. You’re no longer bound to carry the weight of this colourfully packaged-up burden.

Maybe with less pressure you’ll be what you are, sweet Christmas, a small sparkle of magic and whimsy in a year full of spells.

From your friend, TM

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