Redefining “I deserve it”

New, expensive shoes. I deserve it.

A shopping spree at the mall. I deserve it.

$50 mascara. I deserve it.

A drunken night out. I deserve it.

This deep fried, cheese filled, stomach ache waiting to happen. I deserve it.

This giant piece of chocolate cake. I deserve it.

This bag of chips. I deserve it.

This entire bottle of wine. I deserve it.

This venti, sugar filled coffee. I deserve it.

It’s not that an indulgence here and there is a terrible thing, it isn’t, but when I hear myself say “I deserve it” (or someone else) it is most often connected with things that are generally not good for our bodies, souls or wallets. They usually do very little for us.

The above list reads more like, “I deserve to feel gross, unhealthy and broke”.

But what if we changed the narrative. “I deserve to feel connected, healthy and strong”.

A hike in the mountains. I deserve it.

Quality time with my spouse. I deserve it.

Yoga. I deserve it.

Meditation. I deserve it.

A good book. I deserve it.

Quality time with a good friend. I deserve it.

Fun with my kids. I deserve it.

An amazing trip. I deserve it.

That class I’ve been wanting to take. I deserve it.

An art studio. I deserve it.

That life changing thing you’ve been putting on hold. You deserve it.

You’re list will look different than mine.

I challenge you to look closely at what you deserve. Notice when you use the phrase, “I deserve it” and remember you deserve a life filled with love, strength, peace and health…plus some extra cash for really amazing experiences. 😉