simple. mindful.

So what is “simplicity” anyway? There are varying definitions, but, for me, it is conscious or aware living. Choosing to include those things and experiences that add value to my life or letting go of the periphery and needless. Our culture is accustomed to over consumption; fulfilling all wants; confusing wants with needs; get, get, get. Simplicity focuses on being satisfied; loving the enough. Some call it simplicity. Some call it minimalism. Some call it essentialism. Call it whatever you want. I call it freedom.

So what is “mindfulness” anyway? Again, definitions vary, but, for me, it is conscious or aware living; choosing to take in this present moment, to notice, to be aware, to be awake, truly awake. Our culture is very accustomed to tuning out or to constant distraction. It’s a beautiful thing to pause and become aware of your surroundings, nature, your body and the people in the room with you.  That is mindfulness.

Simplicity and mindfulness truly go hand in hand. Simplicity perhaps deals more directly with what we choose to consume or not consume (food, “things” and experiences). Creating physical space in a sense. Mindfulness is more about embracing the moment. Creating mental space. Both overlap. Both create spiritual space.

It is possible to have a mindfulness practice without living in simplicity, but then it’s more of a doing than a being. It is also possible to practice simplicity without actively engaging in mindfulness.

When you are practicing mindfulness, however, in your daily life it is much easier to embrace simplicity. When you start making conscious choices about the things you buy and the experiences you have, you by nature become more mindful.

It’s a process.

It’s counter cultural.

It’s conscious living.

It’s an awaking.

It’s truly a beautiful thing.

One thought on “simple. mindful.

  1. These definitions lead me to think: An uncuttered envornment makes being present easier and being present allows me to keep life simpler. When mindful I am more aware of what I already have and more satisfied with it.


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