You have to start somewhere


It’s so much easier to stay where you are, to live the status quo, to stand still, but it doesn’t take you anywhere interesting.

So here it is. My start. 

It’s taken me a while to get here, possibly years of contemplating a blog and not doing it. I finally set it up…and I still didn’t write. I got caught up in my friend and hopeful co-writer not really being ready or more being too busy. I got caught up in not having the right thing to start out with. I got caught up in not writing my “about me” page. I got caught up in not wanting to go back on Facebook to put it out there. So now, I’m cutting the ropes and letting myself free to just write.

I think I have a complicated relationship with “start”, maybe a more complicated relationship with “fear”. At some point you have to set excuses aside and step forward.

Now that I’m here, it’s not complicated, but it’s still scary. I’ve taken my mindful breath or two. And clicked these words into being. It’s simple. It’s mindful. My mantra. The basis of what will become this blog. My heart and soul for the world (or at least a portion of it) to see.

I’m going to keep my posts really simple…and mindful, so I can inspire others to move into simplicity and mindfulness. I want to inspire, encourage, love, challenge…dance…drink tea…share…create…

Where is your start? What have you put on pause? What have you put off? What is your next step? What fear is holding you back?

Find your simple 1st step…take a deep breath or two…and step…

3 thoughts on “You have to start somewhere

  1. Thanks Trina! My beautiful dear sister! Fear of failure is what held me back for a long time of starting my business. But once I let go of that fear I surprised myself!


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